FAQ and How to use

 1. What is the value to me of the BizBfriend platform


  • Follow and keep updated with the specific products and services in which you are most interested.
  • Get personalised promotions for the things that interest you the most
  • You get the rewards for introducing friends from your network to businesses, rather than digital marketing agencies and other platforms that use your data.
  • Champion the businesses that you value most
  • Make referrals easily and confidentially, often we don’t refer people as we don’t want to impose on them or be embarrassed by an incorrect assumption as to their interest, this platform takes away that problem.
  • None of your data is shared unless you specifically agree to it.
  • Avoid spam …and do more with less emails
  • Identify individuals that you specifically want to meet and get direct introduction 

    For a Business

  • Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways that you can promote your business
  • Reach people that you know are interested in you.
  • Don’t just get “Likes” and “Follows” which can be of limited value – engage dynamically with people and follow them through their digital purchasing cycle.
  • Simple to use newsfeed style posts that take little time to create and help people to keep in touch with you without being intrusive.
  • You only pay for the new users that you accept so more cost effective than any other platform.
  • Introductions are tiered so that you can assess their value to you before accepting them. (See FAQ details in next section on this)


2. How does BizBfriend work?


  • You build a trusted friend’s network
  • You join the product of services related business communities (BizComs) of the businesses that you are most interested in
  • You offer recommendations to businesses for people you know that may be interested in them through goodwill or with the option of rewards
  • You can reach out to your own network asking for recommendations from them for specific things that you are interested in, for which they can get rewards for referring you.
  • When you pass on a referral request from a business to a friend that request on remains confidential until it is accepted by your friend.
  • You follow, engage, review, rate and give feedback on those things that matter most to you.
  • You get personalised promotions and updates, comments reviews and ratings.
  • “All your business all in one place”​

   For a Business

  • You create business Directory entry.
  • You create a general Business Community page (BizCom) or you can create multiple BizComs under your directory for as many products or services as you like, the more specific you are the more specific your audience interaction will be.
  • You maintain your relationship with your audiences through announcements posts and promotions or anything else that you would like to say.
  • You get feedback, reviews and comments from your members.
  • You run outbound referrals campaigns asking either your own contacts or your BizCom members to refer others to join your BizComs.
  • You receive inbound recommendations offers for people to join your BizComs  to which you can respond with a specific campaign offer.
  • You receive tiered recommendations
    • Tier 1– Trusted friends
    • Tier 2 – Existing BizCom members
    • Tier 3 – External sources
  • You can accept or decline request to join your BizCom at your discretion.
  • You can set up your business profile to receive only tier 1 or 2 recommendations as appropriate.
  • You can set up public or private, one to one or one to many BizComs


3. What is a PIF member?

  •  A PIF is a “Pass it Forward” member
  • A business will send a referral offer to a member asking them to introduce somebody who may be interested in joining their BizCom ie to pass it forward to somebody they know.
  • The member then has the option to decline or to accept and “Pass it forward” to a friend.
  • The PIF will then await the response from the friend.


4. What is a “Joinee” member

  • When a PIF member passes forward a referral request to their friend that friend has the option to accept or reject the introduction.
  • Up until the point where the friend accepts the introduction the BizCom owner will not know their identity.
  • If the friend accepts the offer their details will be passed on to the business notifying them of their interest in joining their BizCom.
  • The business will then review the joinee request and either accept or decline it.


5. What are the rewards options available for businesses?

  • You have the option of running a new referrals campaign either through goodwill or through a cash, discount voucher or charitable donation incentive.
  • You can vary the reward based on the nature of your relationship. For some clients you may not feel it is not appropriate to offer any form of financial reward, for others this may be acceptable. You can manage the campaign your way.
  • There are options to reward either the PIF only the joinee only or both parties.
  • You can also offer a business bonus for clients whose introductions to your BizComs resulted in the conclusion of business
  • Any rewards you offer are paid entirely at your discretion, you can decline to pay any incentive for any reason, this is supported within the basic Terms and conditions of the site.
  • You can add your own corporate terms and conditions within the campaign process, these will then underpin any campaign that you run.


6. How does the “Business Bonus” process work

  • A Business Bonus is an incentive offered to the PIF or joinee or both for the successful conclusion of business with the BizCom owner to which an introduction was made.
  • A point of record is maintained that provides an audit trail back to the original introduction (PIF) into a BizCom, this is maintained for six months.
  • The Bonus can be triggered by the Joinee to the BizCom responding to notify the PIF that business has been concluded with the BizCom owner.
  • The BizCom owner can also respond to the relevant point of record notifying the PIF that business has been concluded
  • The Business Bonus can then be paid either directly to the PIF or via BizBfriend


7. How does the New business referral Campaign process work for businesses?

  • The referrals campaign control panel enables you to set the various parameters of your campaign and define your overall budget
  • You can target an entire BizCom, or select just the new “Joinees” or you can target specific individuals in the BizCom or anybody else you wish to who might not yet even be a member.
  • You can decide exactly what you wish to offer for your campaign.
  • BizBfriend makes a nominal charge for each new business client that you add to your BizCom, this fee is detailed in the campaign control panel.
  • PayPal charges the business for any financial transactions, this is added to the overall amount so that the member receives whatever the original value was that they were offered in the campaign.
  • No charges are added to PayPal transaction fees by BizBfriend.


8.What if my business already has a “Refer a friend” programme or something similar?

  • BizBfriend offers you the option to integrate your existing “Friends” programmes or to run your own bespoke campaigns as defined above - or you can run both in parallel.
  • If you have an existing “Friends” programme you can create a BizCom using your relevant web page URL for this which will render as a thumbnail link to that page for BizBfriend members.
  • You can then use that BizCom page as the relevant product or service to which you wish to drive traffic and interest.
  • You can reward new members accordingly through BizBfriend, this may incur a more nominal fee for referrals that supports further interest in your wider programme.
  • This point of record can also serve as an audit trail for you to reward the member who passed forward the original introduction with whom you can settle directly or through BizBfriend.
  • Depending on the breadth of your business, your sales or marketing team can then follow up on these members by creating a range of specific BizComs that help you to engage in a more targeted and relevant way.


9.How does the quick referral in the newsfeed work?

  • This is used if you want to introduce somebody to a business, but they do not yet have a BizCom or maybe are not even a member yet of BizBfriend.
  • You just enter the email of your contact at the company, or their general enquiries email and BizBfriend will send them a notification of interest.
  • If they wish to pursue the enquiry, they can set themselves up, create a BizCom and send you a referral offer through their campaign panel.
  • You can then respond to the offer, join their BizCom and refer your friend
  • Your friend can then accept the offer and request to join the BizCom.


10.How does a “Generic Offer” work?

  • When a business sets up a BizCom you create a generic offer that is relevant to the entire member community of your BizCom
  • The generic offer will appear as a post in the newsfeed rather than as an email invitation.
  • The business can use the campaign control panel to create the specific terms of the campaign which can be reviewed by members who are interested.


11.How do Persona’s work?

  •   Members can participate in two ways;
    • At a personal level, capturing their own interests and benefitting from the recommendations that they make
    • As a business that creates BizComs and drives referrals campaigns.
  • Related actions can be set up as either business or personal on the newsfeed page and information can be viewed within the site accordingly.
  • Your email address is the pivot around which al information is managed.


12.How should I best manage my “Trusted Friends” network?

  • “Trusted friends” are typically people that you know well enough to trust their judgement on a referral that may be important to you or which you may want to credibly refer to somebody else.
  • You can build multiple “One to One private BizComs” if you want to build a business network of people that you do not know quite so well, but with whom you want to maintain a business relationship.
  • You might consider over time then inviting people in your tier 2 (BizCom) networks across to your tier 1 trusted network.


13.How are payments handled in BizBfriend?

  • BizBfriend uses PayPal as its secure online platform for all payments
  • Personal PIF and joinee members are paid any incentives due typically within 24 hours of their acceptance by the BizCom owner.
  • Businesses have their fees rolled up and charged on the last day working day of the month.


14.How do discretionary payments work?

  • Businesses are linked directly to members to settle payments.
  • Any issues arising are to be agreed directly between both parties involved.
  • All payments from businesses are discretionary and the business can decline to pay a member for an introduction for any reason.
  • Should a business refuse an introductory payment all parties involved in the transaction will be notified and this may result in a loss of goodwill to the business by those members and their networks.
  • It is important to maintain a discretionary payments model as a business has to use its own judgement as to the validity and value of any introduction made, only the business itself can assess this.
  • All payments transactions in the site are invalidated and deleted after 12 months from their creation.



15. How does BizBfriend manage my personal data?

  • When a member sets up their profile they can chose what information that they wish to be public. By default, all information is set to private.
  • BizBfriend does not sell personal data to external agencies.


   16. Is there a mobile app for BizBfriend?

  •  Yes there is an Android and IOS app available.
  • These can be downloaded from here IOS & Android
  • The apps provide a sub set of functionalities primarily for personal members use
  • Referrals Campaigns can only be run by businesses from the main web site



Install this web app on your iphone:tap then add to home screen.